About Our Events

Event Difficulty

  1. Easy: A gentle activity over level easy terrain (or equivalent) lasting up to 2 hours. All ages and abilities welcome; time to stop, chat and stare.
  2. Easy+: An activity over generally level terrain (or equivalent). Likely to include some slight inclines or similar extra effort. Usually lasting up to 3 hours with rests, etc.
  3. Moderate: A more varied activity and/or varied terrain (or equivalent), involving some extra effort for part of it. Typically a half day activity.
  4. Moderate+: Typically a full day activity over varied terrain (or equivalent) requiring stamina and/or more sustained effort. Short breaks for refreshments, lunch, etc
  5. Challenging: A range of activities with something ‘special’ that will appeal to the more experienced outdoor person. See event entry for details.

Important notes for participants

  • The Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival endeavours to make all events as enjoyable as possible. Routes are checked close to the date of the event for unexpected hazards, etc.
  • Event providers are a mix of commercial specialists and volunteer leaders. Most walks are led by local volunteers with intimate knowledge of the route and often some expertise in a mix of flora and fauna, local history, geology, etc. Charges for such events cover expenses such as transport, advertising, etc. Participants should not assume that leaders have special skills or are carrying special equipment.
  • All outdoor events can involve hazards, be it uneven ground or extreme weather. Event descriptions aim to provide sufficient information for each event to allow participants to judge whether the event is appropriate for their skill and fitness level. If in doubt please contact the event organiser.
  • Participants with a pre-existing medical condition should ensure that someone on their event is aware of what to do if assistance is needed.
  • Event leaders reserve the right to refuse participation without refund in the unlikely event that it is considered that a participant starting the event would jeopardise the enjoyment of others.
  • Please be aware that Moray is a rural area and there will be limited if any mobile phone coverage on many events.
  • Dogs on a lead are allowed on most walking events but please note that dogs can usually NOT be carried on hired transport.
Duftown from Little Conval
River Avon (A'an)