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Event Difficulty

  1. Easy: A gentle activity over level easy terrain (or equivalent) lasting up to 2 hours. All ages and abilities welcome; time to stop, chat and stare.
  2. Easy+: An activity over generally level terrain (or equivalent). Likely to include some slight inclines or similar extra effort. Usually lasting up to 3 hours with rests, etc.
  3. Moderate: A more varied activity and/or varied terrain (or equivalent), involving some extra effort for part of it. Typically a half day activity.
  4. Moderate+: Typically a full day activity over varied terrain (or equivalent) requiring stamina and/or more sustained effort. Short breaks for refreshments, lunch, etc
  5. Challenging: A range of activities with something ‘special’ that will appeal to the more experienced outdoor person. See event entry for details.

Important notes for participating walkers

  • All walkers walk at their own risk.
  • Walkers with a medical condition should alert the walk leader and advise of any medication being carried (in case of an accident).
  • Neither the Moray Way Association, their appointed agents nor walk guides can take responsibility for personal injury.
  • Walk leaders reserve the right to refuse participation to any walker if they are not suitably attired or in the leader’s opinion they would be unsuitable to undertake the walk.
  • Please wear walking boots or stout shoes with good grips.
  • Timings of walks are approximate and will depend on group abilities and size.
  • Mobile phone coverage is patchy, particularly in the hills and from the less well-known providers. Please check coverage in your chosen walk area before setting out.
  • Dogs -In general, dogs are welcome on the walks, providing dog owners act responsibly in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and ensure that dogs are kept under close control in the vicinity of livestock. The decision on whether dogs are welcome on individual events is the prerogative of the event provider, especially where transport or facilities are a part of the event. If there is any doubt, please contact the event provider before booking the event.
Duftown from Little Conval
River Avon (A'an)

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