Moray’s Forgotten Routes: the Lone Road.

Norman Thomson will lead a walk covering a mixture of farmland, moor and forest along paths as once used by those such as cattle rustlers and whisky smugglers who preferred to keep their movements out of view – hence a possible explanation of ‘lone’. Alternatively it may be a corruption of ‘loan’, a Scots word for a grassy track leading to pasture in the days of long gone farms along the route. Come and judge for yourself!

Meet: 9.30 am at Edinkillie Church Car Park (NJ020466)

Duration: approx 5 hours (including transport)

Distance: 6 miles

Difficulty: 4 (Moderate+)

Ascent/terrain : reasonably level but involves a burn crossing by stepping stones (see photo).

This event has already taken place.

Please come again next year.

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Lone Road - Ruins of old croft
Lone Road - Grassy path into woodlands
Lone Road - Burn crossing